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Sandy Beaches

9 Sandy Beaches in Croatia

Croatian sandy beaches are here to make your every wish come true, like a genie in a bottle.

Whether you want to lie down under the canopy of pine trees and meditate to the sounds of the sea, build sandcastles, or simply enjoy the sensation of soft warm sand against your feet, on the Adriatic coast, you are sure to find the ideal sandy beach for a dream holiday.

Bijeca Beach

The town of Medulin in Istria has one of the most beautiful paradise beaches on the peninsula.

beach Bijeca

Bijeca Beach, located right next to this small town, stretches along the coast for about a kilometre, with plenty of space for everyone to find the perfect spot and create their own little universe. Numerous amenities, the nearby pine forest, the various available sports, and the classic Mediterranean beauty of the setting is what makes this place the right choice for a dream summer day.

Paradise Beach

Paradise on the island of happiness.

Paradise beach

Visit Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaža) on the island of Rab, and it will soon become your favourite place to relax and have fun. About 1.5 kilometres long, it is a blue flag beach, indicating the purity and quality of the sea along with the preserved natural environment in general. Can you think of a better invitation to visit?

Sakarun Beach

On Dugi Otok, the turquoise fairy tale bordered by white sand and pine forest makes Sakarun one of the most famous beaches in the Zadar archipelago.

beach Sakarun

Beautiful as a postcard and simple as the Mediterranean, this beach is perfect for children due to the shallow sea.

Queen’s Beach

The longest sandy beach in Croatia and the smallest cathedral in the world are two beautiful opposites that are mutually attracted like magnets.

Queens beach

The Croatian queen Jelena also enjoyed the vast expanse of Nin sand and the view of Velebit. The largest known site filled with medicinal mud in Croatia is also located a stone’s throw away from the beach.

Bačvice Beach

Also known as the living room of Split and the temple of the Picigin traditional beach ball game, Bačvice Beach offers the pleasure of swimming in one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean.

beach Bacvice

During the summer, it is packed with swimmers who enjoy the stunning view of the islands of the Split archipelago and the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Beach Punta

With stunning views of the peaks of the Dinara and the mouth of the Cetina, Beach Punta offers a special atmosphere where the mountains meet the sea.

Big beach

The distinctive and captivating pirate charm of Omiš and the blue paradise of the Adriatic are the perfect match for a dream holiday.

Saplunara Beach

‘Getting lost’ on the most forested Adriatic island, Mljet, is one of the greatest pleasures any traveller can experience.

beach Saplunara

You will love the fine sand and unique appearance of Saplunara Beach, especially if you appreciate pristine natural environments and the Zen Mediterranean lifestyle.

Šunj Beach

On the island of Lopud, the magical Prince of the Elaphiti Islands, you will find the most popular sandy beach in the waters of Dubrovnik.

beach Sunj

During the day, Šunj Bay is a lively and fun place filled with boaters and swimmers. At night, it wears a cloak made of stars and whispers sweet nothings to the sea.

Saplun Beach

To reach this beach, you will first have to travel to Lastovo, the most remote inhabited island in Croatia, and then find a boat to take you to an uninhabited island with the only sandy beach in the Lastovo dream-like archipelago.

beach Saplun

Trust us, the distance is well worth crossing because Saplun Beach is truly out of this world. White sand, turquoise sea, and the gentle sounds of the waves. What more do you need…

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