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Call - Nazovi

+385 98 168 8409

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House rules

House rules apply to all apartment users

The following provisions and information apply to all apartment users

For all information guests can contact the apartment owners on the following mobile number +385 98 168 8409 or +385 98 739 296


The stay in the apartment starts at 2 pm on the first day of the stay and ends by 10 am on the last day. The last day, ie the day of leaving the apartment is not counted in the total number of days of stay.

The night rest time in the ASADRIA Vodice apartments starts at 11 pm and lasts until 8 am. Guests undertake to observe appropriate peace and quiet out of consideration for other guests.

During their stay, guests can use the outdoor grill, and the charcoal must be provided by themselves and after using the grill to clean it out of consideration for other users. We also ask you to be careful when handling the grill so that the embers do not get out of it and that there is no unwanted fire. We ask guests to pour water on the embers to make sure it is extinguished.

Entrance to the apartment

Guests borrow the key to the apartments, which they must keep and take care of the lock themselves, because the owners are not responsible for theft and negligence in the apartments.

Guests are informed about the use of all items, inventory and appliances in the apartments and therefore must turn off all appliances when leaving the apartment, close or secure the windows from drafts.

The hosts of the apartment reserve the right in special circumstances, and in the absence of guests, to enter the apartment if they notice that its entry is necessary to prevent damage or danger from unforeseen proportions, ie in case of water leakage, fire, window closure due to rain or strong wind. . The host will inform the guest about entering the apartment as well as the reason for entering.


Thorough cleaning and arrangement of the apartment is done by the host or hostess of the As-adria apartment at each shift of guests. Bed linen, towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, kitchen paper are provided to guests upon arrival, and other quantities are provided by the guest himself.

Bed linen is changed during the shift, and guests staying 10 days or more are given bed linen on the 7th day to change themselves.


Guests who are not registered and registered as guests of the As-adria Vodice apartment are not allowed to stay, sleep or spend the night in the apartment.

Guests are required to inform the hosts of each visit. Weapons, narcotics and other dangerous or flammable items are also not allowed in the apartments. The introduction of additional appliances, devices or machines is allowed only with the special consent of the host of the apartment.

Pets are not allowed in the apartments.

Smoking is allowed in the apartments, but we ask guests not to throw cigarette butts in or out of the yard and to take all fire prevention measures and for their personal safety.

The owner of the facility does not bear any responsibility for the possible disappearance of items or valuables of the guest.

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