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Places and settlements of the city of Pag

Places and settlements within the city of Pag

city of Pag



A quiet and peaceful village suited for a pleasant vacation along sand and pebble beaches, ideal for a family holiday. Vlašići Cove has by far the most beautiful sand beach on the island of Pag. Vlašići has a tradition of agriculture, offering home-made Pag cheese, lamb and high-quality wines made by your courteous hosts. Vlašići is home to the Hall of the Union of Croats from Hungary, the venue for various cultural events. The village also hosts the well-known Rural Olympics each August, where about 10 teams from various regions compete in traditional rural games. There is also the Sveti Jeronim Culture and Arts Association that nurtures folk dancing.

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Miskovici en



A fishing village 15 minutes from Pag by car. A true oasis with a pristine, clear sea and a range of family homes and vacation houses to let. Miškovići offers a quiet vacation and lovely beaches suited for children. As for specialties: you can enjoy Pag’s lamb, the island’s renowned cheese and Pag’s famed Žutica wine.




A fishing village on the south-western shore of the island of Pag, half-way between the island’s hubs, Novalja and Pag. Šimuni is an ideal spot for a family vacation, long strolls and swimming and sunbathing on the nearby beaches. Its special charm is the fishers who return to the shore in the early morning hours, bringing a fresh catch that you to enjoy in the many small restaurants. Šimuni Cove hosts an ACI Marina, while Camp Šimuni is only a kilometre away.

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A small harbour in a naturally sheltered cove on the southern side of the island of Pag that exudes simplicity and authenticity. If you want to withdraw from the hustle and bustle and indulge in the island’s tranquillity, Košljun is the just the place for you. Its exquisite pebble and sand beaches will be appreciated by children and sports-lovers alike.




A small village nestled in a quiet natural cove, right next to Vlašići. Those seeking peace and quiet, a clean sea, pristine beaches, and kindly hosts will find an ideal vacation spot here. The village, actually a row of family homes, stands above a long, distinctive beach.

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Dinjiska en



A picturesque village on the southern side of the island of Pag, in a pristine, shallow cove with numerous secluded beaches. A former salt pan, built under French rule, can be seen in the cove. The gorgeous Church of St. Maurus, completely rebuilt in the 16th century, is in the heart of the village. Dinjiška offers a spectacular environment suited to hiking, jogging, cycling, and boating excursions. Food lovers will enjoy the excellent Pag cheese, lamb and fresh fish.




Bošana is a new settlement created next to the Bošana forest in the western part of the city of Pag. Bošana has 25 inhabitants who are mainly engaged in tourism.

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A small village for a peaceful family vacation. The industrious denizens of Proboj raise sheep and are excellent fishers, hence foodies will be delighted by local products like Pag cheese, lamb, high-quality fish, salted pilchards, Dalmatian cured ham, olives, and high-quality wines. Privately-owned suites and rooms offer very nice accommodations.



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