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Pag Beaches

Bošana Beach Pag


The beaches at Bošana, about a 15 minute drive from the town of Pag, have cooler water because of freshwater springs. A pine grove was planted in Bošana recently, while the oak forests at Sveta Marija and Dubrava have been placed under protection.

beach Bosana Pag
beach Prosika Pag

Prosika Town Beach – Pag beaches


The Prosika Town Beach is the central beach, particularly suited for swimming and sun-bathing by families with small children. The beach features the requisite tourist amenities (beach volleyball, tennis, pedal-boats, water-scooters and jet-skies) and hospitality establishments.

Vodice Beach Pag


The Vodice area abounds in diverse beaches: from clean rocky shores to pebble beaches. The pebble beaches in this area are more difficult to access as they are in smaller coves. The rocky part of Vodice is suited to recreational fishers and divers who want to explore the undersea world.

beach Vodice Pag
beach Bašaca

Bašaca beach – Pag beaches


Beaches can also be found in the Bašaca and Vodice areas. Bašaca actually has a complex of smaller beaches which, thanks to their appearance and ambience, are suited to tourists who want to sun-bathe and enjoy the sea. Access is exceptionally simple thanks to a road that passes right next to the shore.

Zrće Beach Pag


Zrće Beach is situated on the western side of the Pag Bay. It is adored by those who want all-day entertainment. There are several establishments on the beach that operate as cafés during the day then become bars and dance clubs at night. The night-life is enhanced by guest appearances by many singers and DJs from Croatia and abroad. The entertainment runs non-stop, 24 hours a day.

beach Zrće

Beaches are an important factor in the development of summer tourism on the island of Pag. The island of Pag is one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic with over 2,500 hours of sunshine a year. Among more than a thousand Adriatic islands, Pag is completely different from the others. Beneath the stone armor lies the centuries-old wealth of hard-working islanders who have always had to work hard to create something. That’s why it’s worth visiting him, discovering his so many different faces and enjoying them.

Source:  TZGPAG

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