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Cycling tours

Cycling tours in Velebit Park

Cycling tours – within the borders of the National Park there are no specially designed bike paths, but there are public and forest roads.

There are no dedicated cycling tracks within the National Park, however, there is a network of public and forest roads that are well suited for cycling excursions. Visitors entering the park on a bycicle are eligible for a discount entrance ticket.

If you decide to spend a day cycling in the National Park and the surroundings, we recommend the following routes:

  • Krasno – Babić Sića – Zavižan – Veliki Lom – Krasno (43 km)
  • Krasno – Babić Sića – Veliki Lom – Careva kuća – Veliki Lubenovac – Tudorevo – Alan – Mrkvište – Krasno (75 km)
  • Štirovača – Mrkvište – Alan – Tudorevo – Veliki Lubenovac – Štirovača (33 km)

In the Velebit Nature park there are marked cycling routes, so for more cycling options on Velebit, see Velebit Nature Park’s web page.

When discovering north Velebit by bycicle, we strongly advise using a map in order to better find your way.



When using the above cycling routes you should be extra careful and observe traffic regulations, as parts of the routes run on forest roads that are used by Croatian Forests for transport, tree felling, etc. Special caution is required on the Krasno – Štirovača road, which is narrow and full of sharp bends. Be watchful for oncoming vehicles, especially speeding timber trucks.

There are marked bicycle paths in the Velebit Nature Park, so for other possibilities for cycling in Velebit, see their websites.

There are twelve bicycle paths in the Velebit Nature Park, and some of them can be combined. All of them are extremely attractive because the ride offers the pleasure of experiencing the forest, mountain and karst phenomena of Velebit and the sea. Previous cycling experience is recommended. There is no bicycle rental and it is advisable to look at the recommended time of year for riding.


  • Krasno staza 1
  • Krasno staza 2
  • Krasno staza 3
  • Krasno staza 4
  • Senj – Oltari
  • Sv. Juraj – Oltari
  • Vratnik – Oltari
  • Oltari – Duliba – Krasno
  • Oltari – Zavižan – Lom – Lubenovac – Alan
  • Brušane – Rizvanuša – Brušane (srednji Velebit)
  • Baške Oštarije – Stupačinovo – Prpići (srednji Velebit)
  • Staza Južni Velebit
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