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There are five main habitats types in the Northern Velebit National Park

Habitats in the North Velebit Velebit National Park

A habitat is an environment in which a species lives. There are many different habitats, often named after the plant communities that occupy them (e.g. Dinaric beech-fir forests). Habitat is essential for the existence of a species. Species are often adapted to one or several types of habitat, while they are unable to survive in others. Therefore, when looking for a species, it is useful to know which type of habitat it is adapted for. Likewise, if we know which habitats are present in an area, we also know which species can be found there. The greater the habitat diversity, the greater is the variety of species, which also means greater biological diversity and ecosystem health. If we want to conserve a species, we must first conserve its habitat, because no living creature can survive without a suitable living environment.

Velebit is a mosaic of diverse habitats – forests, grasslands, rocks, screes and rare aquatic habitats. No element of this mosaic is completely independent from the others, because many species use more than one type of habitat. In addition, the boundaries between habitats are not clearly delineated, but merge into one another in transitional areas, which are often the richest in life forms. It may seem to us that this landscape has always been like this, however, the reality is quite different. Its present appearance is the result of a long development process and a multitude of influences. The landscape is not static, but continually changes depending on a number of factors that are often difficult or even impossible to predict.

Habitats 01

1. Forest

2. Grasslands

3. Rocky habitats

4. Subterranean habitats

5. Aquatic habitats



Rocky habitats

Subterranean habitats

Aquatic habitats

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